Kinetics Academy of Dance
Children's Classes
At Kinetics we strive to create a magical place where children learn to dance through imagination and creativity. This is a ballet-based creative movement program where children learn the basics of ballet (ie. basic positions of arms and feet) while exploring their own movement potential. This is accomplished through the clever use of props and story-telling. All children will 'fly' if given a feather for each hand! Another favorite is our Peter Rabbit dance, where the children each become Peter, dancing in the garden and stuffing themselves on Mr. McGregor's vegetables. Just wait till he returns home to find rabbits all over his garden! Other favorites include: Vegetable Soup, the Rainbow Dance, the Fairy Circle, Teddy the Tiger, The Elephant and more!

Baby Ballet
Baby Ballet 1  & 2 for 2-3 year olds-This is our earliest exposure to dance. Children learn the basic of direction following and classroom behavior while exploring the curriculum as described above.
Baby Ballet 3 for 3 1/2-5 year olds-At this age children are now ready to explore a few more ballet basics and a ballet barre and center are added to the curriculum.

These beginning tap classes introduce basic rhythms, steps and combinations. Tumbling and activity stations are added to the 4-6 yr old class and we mix Jazz into the Jazzy Tap class for extra flair. Great classes for boys and girls! Tap-n-Tumble 2 is for kids who have completed level 1. 

This class is geared for the highly energetic child that needs more stimulation and enjoys large motor movements. This is a great class for boys as it is non-ballet-based creative movement. In this class, students are more likely to be bugs than fairies and more apt to be found exploring the moon than wearing a tutu! Each class is theme-based and students 'travel' to different destinations on equipment such as tunnels and balance beams. Some 'destinations' have included 'the Moon', 'the Jungle' and 'the Old West'. Props such as tiger tails, cowboy hats and lily pads are used the further the imagination. Musical instruments such as drums, slide whistles and bells are also brought into play. Miss Hayley originated and developed this curriculum to address the needs of children who love to dance but who are not interested in ballet (her own two boys in particular!) Girls, however, are also welcome and encouraged to take this class!

Hip Hop! Soooo many kids want to do this style. It's super-fun, energetic and upbeat.  Parents can breather a sigh of relief with Kinetics Hip Hop classes as we keep it squeaky clean! You'll never cringe watching our dancers move and your ears will never be assaulted by inappropriate lyrics. This style is a great place to start for those kids that just 'love to dance'.

At Kinetics Chico, ballet classes begin at age five.We utilize aspects of the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus, as well as the eclectic All-American style. Careful attention is paid to creativity and correct technique appropriate to the students physical, cognitive and emotional development.
5-7 year olds-Beg. Ballet I-This is a natural extension of the Creative Dance Program. The ballet barre and center are expanded and across the floor work is added. Ballet terminiology and technique are introduced in a fun and engaging way.
8-14 years old Beg. Ballet II, III and IV-At this age, students are ready for increased emphasis on technique and longer combinations. Students learn basic positions of feet and arms, turns travelling steps and leaps. Dancers are also given opportunities for creative dance and independent choreography
Teen/Adult Ballet- It's never to late to begin, or to return to a past love! Our teen/adult ballet classes are geared towards the beginning, recreational dancer who dances for pleasure and exercise. .

Movement and Sound 
for 3-5 yr olds, especially boys!
Tap-n-Tumble 4-6 yr olds and Jazzy Tap for 7-10 yr olds
 Hip-Hop for 6-16 yr olds
Ballet for 5 years and older
Ballroom and Wedding Dance Lessons
Group lessons-If you've always wanted to learn to dance-here's your chance! Our six week introductory course covers Foxtrot, Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz and Night Club Two Step. Partner recommended. 
Semi-private Group Lessons-We can arrange a group lesson for three couples or more at your convenience. Contact us to schedule. 
Private lessons-We frequently provide instruction and coaching to couples preparing for their first dance as a married couple. You provide your special song and we'll teach you to dance to it. All eyes will be on you-our lessons make sure you look fantastic at your wedding!

Dance Classes for all ages in Chico!
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Lyrical dance is a blend of many dance forms, including ballet, modern and jazz. It is sometimes referred to as Contemporary dance and is usually done to contemporary music. Lyrical is based on strong technique but allows more fluidity and personal expression than ballet. It's a beautiful art form!

Ballet Fitness
This is a great class for adults who love to dance and want to use it as an exercise form. This class will retain the elements of a traditional ballet class (barre, center and across the floor work) but includes specific floor exercises geared to strengthening your core. Dynabands, mat work and elements of Pilates-type exercises are used. 

Teaching the Art and Sharing the Joy...of Dance!