Why choose us?

1. Facilities - Our students dance on our special floor systems. We have a floating "Marley" dance floors that are suspended and specially designed for optimal dance performance, safety and injury prevention. Parents wait in a comfortable lobby with viewing windows or can relax on one of our comfy couches. Closed circuit tv system so that you can view class in comfort! Birthday party room available for that special day!

2. Our curriculum was created and is supervised by a licensed Physical Therapist to ensure correct developmental levels and to help bodies stay injury free.

3. All teachers are “LiveScanned” and fingerprinted for your peace of mind.

4. Our Jazz and Hip-Hop classes are always "Clean". Moves and music are always age appropriate

5 Performances!  All students have the opportunity to perform in our annual performance in a professional theater. This is a wonderful experience for dancers and audience alike!! Our performance fee structure makes it affordable with no expensive costume purchases needed. Other performance opportunities!
 throughout the year

6. Teachers-our highly qualified teachers combine creativity with correct technique and a genuine love for teaching . This makes our classes a great place to be!!

7. Class sizes- we limit our class sizes to 10-12 students for toddler ages and 15 for older students. Smaller class sizes mean better learning and more individual attention!