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Why parents love us!
I am so impressed with the teachers. They are excellant with my shy daughter and she is learning so much! The classes are well organized and they make use of every minute of the time. Well worth every penny.

Katie Farland
My two year old granddaughter loves to play with her older brother and get dirty. So we thought it might be good for Samantha to have a "feminine" activity. When we heard about the Baby Ballet class at Kinetics, it sounded perfect. Samantha LOVES it! She has gone into class with a big smile on her face since the first day. Miss Julia and Miss Kelsey are wonderful role models for the girls-beautigul, graceful "mother hens" who smile and encourage their little "chicks" to follow their example. They make the class fun. The girls ge to wear tutus, wings, fancy hats, sailor hats, and "hide" under silk scarves as they dance around the room. Sooo cute!!! I tell everyone about this class! I love to watch Sammie move to the music with so much joy. I can't wait to see the girls in their "Snow White" performance!

Dee Castagnoli
My five year old daughter has taken dance at Kinetics since her second birthday and is currently enrolled in three classes. My three year old son has also just begun a class. There is no end to the patience and creativity of Miss Hayley and her staff. They have helped turn my daughter into a graceful and confident pre-schooler and we have truly enjoyed our time at Kinetics!

Megan Thomas-Petty
This is our fifth year with Kinetics dance studio-Our daughter started as painfully shy, afraid to perform in front of anyone. With kindness and support, teacher Brigit helped her find her confidence and developed her into a joyful dancer. Now she loves to perform on stage and says it's her favorite part of ballet.

My daughter (5) has been going to Kinetics for over 18 months. She loves her classes and has had a great time performing in 2 Christmas shows and 1 summer show. She is very excited to be a part of the next show this summer. Miss Hayley and all her staff and great and as log as she wants to dance we will be coming to Kinetics.